a) SelectLeague is a social-networking-style platform that enables users to create "Profiles" to express and display their ideas, views, photos, also topics/activities/objects they like. These Profiles are represented in the form of "Teams" competing in "Leagues". The Teams only compete with other teams in the same League, but the Teams are grouped in the different Leagues not according to related themes, topics, or categories reflected in the Profiles, but according to the "ranking" of the Teams based on their record of performance.

b) All the teams in SelectLeague are created by users. The Leagues have no relation to any actual existing Leagues. The Teams in SelectLeague are not intended to have any relation to actual Teams. If the user chooses to use actual Team's (or other entity) features, such as but not limited to Name, Colors, Logo, IT'S THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE USER TO OBTAIN ANY NECESSARY LICENSES, COPYRIGHTS, OR OTHER PROPRIETARY RIGHTS PRIOR TO START USING THESE FEATURES!

c) The FREE VERSION allows the user to follow the games, see any team's profile page and create one team. The FREE VERSION also gives each user 1 FREE VOTE per DAY (that expires at the end of that day). If you want to vote more times for the same team or another team on the same day, you need to SHOP for votes (which don't expire). (Note: it is perfectly in accordance with the Rules to vote for your own team).

To remove the ads provided by SelectLeague the FULL VERSION of SelectLeague needs to be obtained. (Please note that the full version will remove only ads by SelectLeague. Any sponsored advertisements, promotions, coupons and other ads provided by the teams are considered part of their profile and will not be removed in the full version).

Unlimited number of teams is allowed per user account. After the first team is created free of charge, in-app purchase is required for each new team after that.

Each new team is assigned to the highest possible League on the first come first serve basis. After creating a Team and choosing Team Name, Team Colors, etc., it's up to the user to promote the Team to accumulate vote-points.

d) The Teams compete against one another based on the number of VOTES (+1 VOTE-POINT for each vote/like received) the teams get during the "Game"/"Match" (or the whole Season in the case with the Conference League).

e) There are 4 Leagues: L1 (highest ranking), L2, L3, L4 with 28 teams in each League + there is the CONFERENCE-League (the lowest ranking) with unlimited number of teams.

f) Each Game in the 4 Leagues continues 24 hours, during which the teams are getting VOTES/LIKES (1 VOTE = 1 VOTE-POINT) from the users (fans). On the first day of the month there are 14 games (14 pairs of teams) and they play 27 days until every team has played against all the teams in the League. For each win the teams receive 3 points, 1 point for a draw, and 0 points for a loss. (In the Conference League there are no Games/Matches (pairs of teams), the Standings during and at the end of the Season (Month) are based on the amount of votes/likes accumulated by each team throughout the current Season). After the 27th day based on the ranking, the teams are paired in Playoff Games/Matches. The number of points determines the ranking of a team (more points = higher ranking in the standings). If two or more teams have the same number of points the following criteria will be used: (i) greater number of points obtained in the matches between the teams in question, (ii) greater total number of votes during the season, (iii) the team that was created first, (iv) drawing of lots by the SelectLeague software system. (Please note the Standings in the Conference are updated in "real time", as the Standings in the L1, L2, L3 and L4 are updated only at the end of the Game-day when the game is finished and the distribution of the points for all teams is definite).

g) Playoffs - Playoffs are played in L1, L2, L3 and L4, but not in the Conference League. Playoffs determine the Champion of the particular League and the Teams that will shift to the superior League, but Playoffs don't have any effect on the point calculation for the regular season Standings. The teams bound for the Playoffs are highlighted in golden color and the Playoffs are played as follows: (i) for the months with 31 days (as there are 4 extra days after the 27 days of the "regular" Season) - Day 28 - Round of 16, Day 29 - Quarter-finals, DaYy 30 - Semi-finals and Day 31 - Final. In the "Round of 16" Team1 will play with Team16, T2-T15, T3-T14, T4-T13, etc. The same for the next rounds the team with the best ranking plays the team with the lowest and so forth. The best 8 teams (those that qualify for the Quarter-finals) will advance for the next superior League for the next Season; (ii) for the months with 30 days (as there are only 3 extra days) there will be no "Round of 16", but only Quarter-finals, Semi-finals and Final; (iii) for the months with 29 days - Semi-finals and Final; (iv) for the months with 28 days there will be only final, still 8 teams advance to the next superior League (the 2 finalists + the 3rd-8th place teams during the regular Season). If two teams tie in a Playoff game, the team that ranked better in the regular Season wins.

h) The next Season starts on the 1st day of the next month. The top 8 teams from League2 shifted to League1 and the 8 lowest ranking teams in League1 are now shifted to League2, still 28 teams in each of the Leagues. The same applies to the rest of the Leagues and the Conference. No teams will be relegated from the Conference League since there is no lower ranking League.

Please note that in the Standings, although the golden line indicates the 8 teams that will shift to the next superior League and the white line indicates the 8 teams that will shift to the next lower League for the next Season, they should be used only as guidance, because they may be certain periods and scenarios when this lines are not perfectly accurate. One such case is if there is a team marked by its owner for deletion, as this may affect the calculation of the promotion/relegation, since the deleted teams will be favored for relegation (and ultimately deleted after the end of the Season). For example if there is a deleted team ranked 18th at the end of the regular Season, this team will be relegated instead of the team ranked 21st (best ranked team in the relegation zone), so until the Standings for the next day are calculated, the white line will not represent accurately the exact 8 teams that will be actually relegated.

i) Comments, photos and links to videos can be posted on the Team Profile pages, User Profile pages and Game pages. The users can choose to use their username or the name of one of the teams they own before submitting each post. Users can delete only their own posts.

j) Users can post/sell advertising, sponsorships, or promotions ONLY within the areas specifically designated for this purpose.

k) The aspect ratio for the Sponsored Advertisement is 14:5 and the actual width/height is 140:50.