About Us

We could say that SelectLeague is a fantasy league.

We could also say that it's an e-commerce website.

We could probably say that it's a popularity contest...

But the fact of matter is that SelectLeague is the most competitive social network and the most social networking oriented competition.The "likes" were never this ruthless!

From the creators of not much else.

Imagine watching your favorite team play, and the team desperately needs to score a point. All you can do is sit tight, and hope good things happen. Too bad no sports association in the world allows the fans to score for their teams. SelectLeague is here to change that! Be part of the action. Cast your vote to score points, and help your beloved team win. But why stop here?

Start your own team, get fans and followers, turn your franchise into a world-class brand.

SelectLeague is a new generation Reality Game (Competitive Social Network) - leave the world of fantasy games behind and start your own Real Franchise Brand. While it's based on competing and winning, SelectLeague is not necessarily a sport league, because you can develop your brand into almost anything you can think of.

Join now and experience the social networking like never before.